Jill SuskindJill Suskind, M.Ed., created WealthQuest for Teen, Ltd. , in 2008. The mission of the company is to have this generation of teens prepared to meet the financial realities of adulthood with confidence and competence. Jill believes that, in order to fulfill this mission, parents are her main partners, since teens establish habits and beliefs at home when they’re young. Jill also believes that parents want and need to be supported with effective tools and resources.

Raised in North Carolina, Jill attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Maryland at College Park. She has been teaching in the public schools for 25 years, and currently teaches high school in the Boston area.

As a teacher, her passion is teaching the principles of success. While all of the lessons offered through WealthQuest for Teens online products are about money and wealth building, they are really about wealth in all areas of life.

Jill’s money story is probably a lot like yours. As an adult, she made all kinds of mistakes until that became a way of life that was intolerable! She learned the basic principles of wealth building, applied them in her life, and was amazed by the difference it made in her life!

In her conversations with her students, she realized that teens want this education and it could have a profound and lasting impact on their lives, too.

And the rest is history.

Here is a video that tells a little more about her story and how WealthQuest for Teens, Ltd., came to be.