Are you looking to raise your teen with Excellent Money Habits and Attitudes?

  • Powerful, practical, easy to use!
    Jay Sanders, CPA/PFS, CFP®
  • WealthQuest for Teens teaches how to properly handle and prioritize money so we are not left asking ourselves, Where has all my money gone?
    Vanessa Whitton, age 19, WealthQuest for Teens graduate, 2009
  • I wish I had this when I was a teenager!
    Sarah Blum, mother of 2 teens

Online Video Seminar with Workbook &
Quickstart Guide for Teens eBook

  • Innovative engaging, practical tools for teaching your teen effective money money management.
  • Teach your teen to think about and organize money so it works for them now AND for the rest of their life!
  • Get started today and receive your free eBook for parents: Your Teen's Financial Literacy in Today’s Economy – a $10 Value!

Who this is for…

parents of teens who know the value of

  • Effective money skills over a lifetime
  • Starting young—before adulthood

teens, ages 14-19, who are committed to

  • Thriving in life
  • Making a difference in the world

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While there are many books and programs about earning, budgeting, saving, and investing money, WealthQuest for Teens programs provide the missing link between KNOWING this information and MAKING IT HAPPEN in real life.

What you'll get…

Key Features

  • CONVENIENT—Online access the video anytime, anywhere.
  • ENGAGING—Narrated by and for teens!
  • RELEVANT—Our programs are about teens, their lives, and their dreams.
  • SELF-PACED—Complete the 7 parts of the video at your teen's own pace.

Your teen will learn

  • TO THINK ABOUT AND ORGANIZE MONEY so it works for him now AND for the rest of his life.
  • TO SEE MONEY AS A TOOL that allows him to have options, realize goals and dreams, and make a difference in the world in ways that matter to him.
  • TO SEE THE VALUE OF PLANNING his saving, spending, investing, and giving.

  • THAT WEALTH IS A FUNCTION of money habits and attitudes.
  • TO SEE THE VALUE OF STARTING NOW, when he’s young.


QuickStart Guide eBook for Teens

THIRTY ENGAGING ACTIVITIES designed to take your teen through the process of implementing the skills, knowledge, and strategies that he learned in the video seminar into his life, step-by-step.

Your teen will learn to

  • EXPLORE DEEPLY each of the money mastery concepts of the seminar.
  • IMPLEMENT STRATEGIES AND HABITS of wealth building that are age-appropriate.
  • BUILD A FOUNDATION OF SKILLS and attitudes for excellent money management now AND for the rest of his life.


Your Teen’s Financial Literacy in Today’s Economy: Make It Real, Make It Matter, Make It Last eBook for Parents

FOR PARENTS OF TEENS completing the Online Video / Workbook and QuickStart Guide. In today’s economy, traditional approaches to teaching children about money are not sufficient. A new method is required, one that is based on habits and beliefs.

This research-based, 7-chapter guidebook

  • EXPLORES THE CHALLENGES PARENTS FACE in teaching teens great money habits and attitudes at home.
  • PRESENTS THE NEW MODEL, a proven approach to parenting in this critical area of life.
  • PROVIDES AN EXPLANATION AND RATIONALE for the Online Video/Workbook program.

  • GUIDES YOU IN CREATING STRUCTURES that support your teens to grow and develop into adults who earn, save, spend, donate, and invest responsibly.
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  • It's never too early to teach your children about money. This is a great program to help teens develop prosperity consciousness."

              Randy Gage, author, Risky is the New Safe

  • "I was never taught how to properly handle my money, and I would never blame anyone but myself. I have since taken charge of my financial issues and have cleared a lot of my debt, but I could not have done it without WealthQuest for Teens Online Video and Workbook. It has taught me to organize and prioritize my money, and now I can save and spend responsibly. I could not explain to you how much I wish a program like WealthQuest for Teens was around when I was younger. WealthQuest for Teens teaches how to properly handle and prioritize money so we are not left asking ourselves, Where has all my money gone?"

             Vanessa Whitton, age 19, WealthQuest for Teens graduate, 2009

  • "My 16-year-old did this program and it really has him thinking about his money. He works 2 part-time jobs and recently opened a checking account, a savings account and most recently an IRA. It’s so exciting to see him taking control of his money. I feel good as a parent introducing the program to him and seeing him be responsible with his money makes me happy. It’s also made me work on my own finances. Thanks WealthQuest!"

              Sarah Slayton, Plymouth, MA

  • "There are countless families out there, wanting and needing to develop a dialogue between Mom and Dad and their teen(s) about money; about saving money, allocating money, and spending money. It may be a challenging conversation to begin, but I believe Wealth Quest For Teens will make the process more discussable, more engaging for our teens, and in the end, make the use of money a more understandable language. Maybe even a topic that’s fun to discuss!"

             Tad Anderson, MN

  • "The QuickStart Guide eBook for Teens exposes readers to the core concepts and tools critical to forming a solid foundation for future financial success.  Through thoughtful, fun exercises and daily focus, teenagers learn how to think about the relationship between money and their goals.  And they get a very practical and valuable understanding of the fundamentals of interest, credit cards, saving, and budgeting."

             Kurt Fischer, MONEY COUN$ELOR,

About Jill Suskind

Jill Suskind Jill is a high school English teacher with over 25 years experience in the public schools. She has worked with thousands of teens to develop each of the products we offer.

“Jill is very goal-driven and is a hard worker, but what really sets her apart is her passion. When Jill is passionate about a project or a cause, there is no stopping her. She is especially committed to improving teen financial literacy, which is how I first met her. She and I have worked on projects together that will result in measurable improvements in teens’ knowledge of how to handle money in their lives. Kids that complete her WealthQuest for Teens program learn truly life-changing skills. I heartily recommend Jill and believe that the future of our country is in better hands because of her teen graduates.” (May 21, 2010)
Steve Hartel
Independent Financial Planner, Trilogy Financial Services